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couple massage
Une jeune femme tient une fleur dans la courbure de son dos
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Sensual and Erotic massages in Lyon

Body-body massages, mutual massages, initiations…

Welcome to Hédoné, our classy and elegant massage salon in Lyon!

In this place of pure excellence, you will have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable moment of blissful sensuality. 

We welcome you 7 days a week in our cosy haven located at

1 Quai de la Pêcherie in Lyon 1er. 

Here, we celebrate your uniqueness and make sure the massage is as special as you are !

Six mains à l'institut Hédoné, Lyon_
Breast Massage
« Sensuality is the total mobilization of the senses: an individual observes their partner intently, straining to catch every sound." Kundera
A thousand times, thank you »

Translated from Ghislain's french testimony. 

What we offer

Our massages are open to everyone, and we make sure our core values - inclusivity, respect and kindness - are put at the center of our practice.


We are LGBTQIA+ friendly. 


All our massages are naturist, which means that during the massage you and your masseuse will both be entirely naked. The massage takes place on a futon. During a massage, possibilities are infinite, as long as our policy is respected. This means we adapt our massage to you and your needs. 

It is essential to us that our haven is a place where you can express your freedom as well as feel safe.

Therefore we will always respect your limits and make sure to follow our policy guidelines


All you need to do is choose you approach

and let us guide you !


erotic massage oil
Massages for Him
Massages for Them at Hédoné, Lyon, France.
Logo © Institut Hédoné
Nos masseuses naturistes Alice et Léo dans un moment complice et sensuel


...a story of love...

Born from the union of a God & a Goddess, Eros & Psyche.

Did you know that in Greek mythology, Psyche is the Goddess of the soul, while Eros embodies loving desire ? From this union came their daughter, Hedone. This unique divinity will delicately lead you to discover a sensual connection to yourself, and others. She will enable you to undertake an inward journey, connecting you to your senses and to your body. In the Garden of Hedone, nudity is an opportunity to come back to the original self, to let the masks fall away, to nourish and to share the essence of Being.

Our love for the body, for touch and sensuality.

We are Alice, Blue and Leo. We have been professional masseuses for several years now, and decided to create this massage salon to share with you our vision of the body, which is so important to us. Each one of us has followed her own path, and has her own approach, this is what makes our massages inherently unique.  All three of us wish to destigmatize the realm of eroticism and sensuality. We want to enhance the beauty of this realm, bring it to life, and shine a light on all its different aspects. We will offer you a unique, warm, human experience, a new discovery. An experience that might surprise you as well as nourish you. A journey back to the origin. Maybe your wish is to reconnect with a form of intimacy, or to simply experience a moment of pure tenderness. Maybe it is to discover new sensations, new ways of being, or else to stop time completely. Whatever reason has led you here, we welcome you with open arms into our precious haven.

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