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Our massages for Them at Hédoné, Lyon, France.

Duo massages,

for couples, friends,
or any other unlabled relationships

All our massages are naturist. This means that during the massage you and your masseuse will be entirely naked.

Together, within the limits of our policy, let's dive into a world of delicacy, complicity, pleasure and sensuality !

Ready to treat yourself to the ultimate massage experience?

Ideally, it is better if you both choose the same massage. But if you don’t wish to live the same experience, you may want to select different massages, you will then be in separate rooms. In this case, the massages will be charged separately. If this is your prefered option, please select your massages in the tabs "For Her" and "For Him". 

If you wish to choose to live the experience together, in the same room, you can select your massage on this page. 

Please keep in mind that we can adapt our massages to your desires all while respecting your limits as well as our own.

The indicated periods of time are the minimum duration for each massage. They include a mandatory shower before the massage. Additional time can be added in 30 minutes increments. The cost is 100€ per additional 30 mins. ​

If you still have questions after reading through our different services, please feel free to call us on this number : +336 95 48 32 36 . This way we can answer your questions and discuss the best option for you. 

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