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Please read our policy before you can enter the world of Hédoné, Lyon, France.

Our concept

Hédoné is an inclusive and safe space, where everyone is welcome to come and explore their sensual self.

The massages and initiations that we propose are naturist, which means that you as well as your masseuse will be naked during the massage.


Please note that nudity does not imply s*xuality. In this specific context, nudity is a way of exploring a new relationship to your body. We do not touch the g*nitals during the massage. There will be no s*xual service, no “happy end*ng”, or any other act involving the mouth or the s*xual parts (of you or your masseuse) during the massage. This is non-negotiable : it does not correspond to our approach.

Through our massages and our initiations, we wish to help you reach what the sense of touch and intimacy can awaken within yourself. We offer you our presence, our love and care, so that in turn, you can access these parts of yourself. This often takes time, it is a path, sometimes a bridge to (re)build. We offer you a sensorial experience, to come out of your mind and back into your body, to connect with your sensations and let your emotions flow.


In addition to our massages, we propose circles and art therapy. Unless otherwise specified, during these activities the participants as well as the organizers remain fully dressed. 

Quality Commitment

Hédoné masseuses commit to :

-Welcoming you in the best conditions, to listen and to respect your limits

-Taking care of your safety by making sure our policy is respected

-Respecting perfect hygiene

-Only using professional equipment

-Complete confidentiality

For our massages, we use organic almond oil. It is known for its numerous virtues and its compatibility with all kinds of skin, even the most sensitive. Please notify us beforehand if you have a known allergy to this oil, and if so which oil we may use. 

Our Clients' Guideline

We require our clients to : 


- Properly read the website in order to understand ou concept and what we offer.

- Ask questions before or during the massage in order to respect our policy. Please understand that our services and prices are non negotiable. 

- Accept that we do not offer any s*xual services, "h*ppy end*ngs", or any other act involving the mouth or the s*xual parts of the masseuse and the client. We do not touch the g*nitals during the massage. Self m*sturb*tion is also prohibited when in the presence of a masseuse. All of the above is non negotiable. 

- Never request to meet with a masseuse outside the salon.

- Respect the masseuses’ privacy. It is forbidden to wait for a masseuse outside the massage salon before or after her day of work. It is forbidden to try to contact her through any other means than the provided professional number. Any intrusion inside her private life will lead to a complete ban from the premises. A complaint will also be made to the competent authorities. 

-Make sure they have perfect hygiene before starting the massage. A shower is available on the premises so you can clean yourself properly.

- Understand that each massage is different and unique, depending on the masseuse and the moment.


​The masseuses in Hédoné, reserve the right to put an end to a massage at any given time if they do not feel respected or if they believe that their/your safety is compromised. By lack of respect we refer to any offensive comments, inappropriate gestures, or lack of hygiene. Once a massage has begun, no refund is possible. If any of the present parties decide to end the massage, there will be no reimbursement. 

The services we propose on this website are intended to provide a sense of well-being, they are not in any way destined to provide medical or therapeutic care. In some cases, they can complement a medical monitoring provided by a healthcare professional, but can in no way replace it. If you are pregnant, or if your physical/mental state requires special attention, please consult a professional to make sure your current situation is compatible with our services. Also please think to mention anything you deem important when making an appointment with us.

The masseuses of Hédoné will not be made accountable if someone forgets or does not want to mention an allergy to a product or an illness that they know of and for which they are monitored by a physician. The masseuses will not be made accountable for any client’s unknown health problem that may occur or develop during or after a massage. 


If you choose to make an appointment, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned above as well as our sales conditions

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