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Hédoné Haven, Lyon, France.
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You wish to know more about our haven?

Our massage salon is located in Lyon’s city center...

We welcome you in a beautiful building located right next to the Saône river,

between Saint-Paul and Hôtel de Ville.

You will be charmed by its warm atmosphere and its comforting confidentiality 

The nearest métro station is “Hôtel de Ville Louis Pradel”, métro line A. The massage salon is very easily accessible by foot, by bike, or by public transport

If you are coming by car, two car parks are available :

- Parking Saint-Antoine

- Parking Terreaux


​Before or after your massage, you can enjoy and explore this lovely part of town!

...and has everything to take care of you

When you arrive, your masseuse will be waiting, ready to take​ care of you. The two of you will sit down for a moment in our lovely lounge. She will take the time to explain our different massages, so you can choose what feels best for you. Before the massage, we will ask you to take a shower - we have a beautiful bathroom -  so you and your masseuse can be as comfortable as possible during this precious moment. Once you are settled down in one of our two confortable massage rooms, on a large futon, the massage can begin. Your journey is now in the hands of the masseuse and together you will dive into a world of softness and sensuality. She will delicately guide you back to reality once the massage is over, letting you come gently back to the surface. If you wish to discuss your experience afterwards, you will be able to sit down with your masseuse before leaving.

Until next time...

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